Emission Isolation Flux Chamber

AC'SCENT Emission Isolation Flux Chamber


AC'SCENT Flux Chamber is a surface emission isolation hood designed for solid or liquid surface sample collection. Our Flux Hood follows US-EPA recommended design parameters for isolated surface emission collection.

Set the AC'SCENT Flux Chamber directly on a solid surface or on a liquid surface with the included float.  Use a clean odor-free sweep gas, either zero-air, high purity nitrogen or nitrogen with a helium tracer component. You follow your project protocol for sweep gas and sampling rates.








  • Sensible, convenient, easy to use US-EPA recommended design.

  • Stainless Steel (SS) construction with quick-disconnect fittings.

  • Includes Stainless Steel support chain, 50-foot rope,
       and float ring.

  • Isolates the surface from the effects of wind, precipitation,
       and solar radiation.

Overall Hood Diameter:  0.14 m (16")

Surface Area under Hood:  0.13 m2

Four Ports:  1) sweep gas/air;
                    2) sample line;
                    3) excess gas/air vent; and
                    4) optional thermocouple probe.

Included Rope:  50'  -  3/8" Nylon Braided Rope

Included Flotation:  Standard 16" Tube

Sweep gas supply and regulator NOT included.


Q: Does the AC'SCENT Flux Hood comply with EPA sampling methods?

Yes, see EPA document PB86-223161, "Measurement of Gaseous Emission Rates from Land Surfaces Using an Emission Isolation Flux Chamber."


Q: When I use the Flux Hood what flux gas/air do I use?

The protocol for your project may dictate zero-air or high-purity nitrogen (HPN) with or without a helium (He) component.


Q: What is a typical sweep gas (air) rate?

25-liters per minute per square meter is a typical sweep gas rate, which is 3.5-LPM for the 0.13-m2 under the AC'SCENT Flux Hood.


Q: What is the typical sample collection rate?

The Sample collection rate depends on your project protocol; a typical sample collection rate is 1 to 2 LPM.




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