ODOR SCHOOL® Training Programs


St. Croix Sensory can provide training programs to meet your company goals in advancing your knowledge of sensory science.


Environmental Ambient Odor Monitoring


Our “ODOR SCHOOL”® is an internationally recognized program to prepare inspectors to conduct field evaluations of ambient odors. The purpose of the training is to produce a qualified observer whose judgment of odors will be consistent and minimally affected by variable field conditions. Training for field odor investigations must prepare the inspector to make observations in accordance with standard procedures and to record pertinent information in a standard, clear format.


The “ODOR SCHOOL”® curriculum development has progressed over 30 years through cooperative efforts with county health officials, city and county planning managers, state agency personnel and facility managers.  The principal author was a field odor investigator and enforcement engineer for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.


Product & Material Odor Testing


As part of a product development program or routine QA/QC, project demands may require in-house testing of your products and materials.  St. Croix Sensory can assist with training your team on sensory testing methodologies.


For example, learn to apply standard scaling techniques to score odor intensity of production samples.  Or, conduct descriptive analysis to compare batch process samples to a reference.

Training Program Options


We offer on-line course options as well as in-person programs at your facility.


St. Croix Sensory is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited

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