Odourmap by olfasense


Odourmap is a web-based application that shows information that is relevant to managing community relations where sensory impacts are concerned.  Odourmap collects, registers, processes, and communicates various types of odor complaint data in a map display.

Citizens utilize a mobile app to input odor complaints in real-time.  The complaint immediately is communicated to facility personnel.

An innovative, configurable timeline feature on the web application allows facility representatives to browse individual complaints over time or animate the complaint sequence and see how complaints relate with meteorological conditions or process conditions.


Through an integrated alert system Users can receive system notifications in the event of pre-defined conditions being met.  Likewise, facility personnel can send information to the citizens registered with the system.  For example, if process and meteorological conditions converge to create a highly likely odor episode.








  • Map odor complaints from the community based on GPS locations via mobile device.

  • Document odor observations and potential sources.

  • Dynamic timeline provides active review of odor complaints with time.

  • Download summaries for review and reporting to the community.








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