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Products & Material Sensory Testing


St. Croix Sensory has extensive experience in conducting product and material sensory testing.  We have worked closely with companies in such industries as:


  • air care (air cleaners, air fresheners, ... )
  • personal care (deodorant, cosmetics, ... )
  • home care (surface cleaners, carpet cleaners, ... )
  • pet care (cat litter, animal bedding, ... )
  • building materials (finishes, ceiling tile, insulation, ... )
  • coatings (paints, primers, ... )
  • fine chemical (chemical raw materials, finished products, ... )
  • medical (disinfectants, medical equipment, ... )


Product and material evaluations can be performed for a variety of reasons.  A few example applications include:


  • Product/Material Development
  • Product/Material Improvement
  • Product/Material Verification
  • Product/Material Performance Testing
  • Product/Material Comparisons
  • Product/Material Claim Substantiation
  • Product/Material Acceptability
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Consumer Market Research


St. Croix Sensory provides sensory evaluation services for your project needs.  We discuss with you your research questions and project objectives and develop a testing protocol to achieve those goals.  Each project is completed following applicable ASTM International, CEN and ISO Standards.  A sampling of specific standards that can be utilized include:


  • ASTM E1958 "Standard Guide for Claim Substantiation"
  • ASTM E1593 "Standard Practice for Assessing the Efficacy of Air Care Products in Reducing Perceived Indoor Air Malodor Intensity"
  • ASTM E1292 "Odor in Water"
  • ASTM E619 "Standard Practice for Evaluating Foreign Odors in Paper Packaging"
  • ASTM E1207 "Standard Guide for Sensory Evaluation of Axillary Deodorancy"
  • ASTM E1870 "Standard Test Method for Odor and Taste Transfer from Polymeric Packaging Film"


St. Croix Sensory is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited

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