Nasal Ranger - Field Olfactometer


The Nasal Ranger® Field Olfactometer is used worldwide to evaluate odors in a community.  This portable olfactometer quantifies ambient odors in ‘Dilution-to-Threshold’ (D/T) values.


Olfactometry Equipment


St. Croix Sensory has worked with world-renowned experts to develop leading-edge products for measuring odors.  This includes the AC’SCENT Laboratory Olfactometer and Odor Sensitivity Test Kits.  We are also proud to offer the complete line of olfactometers developed by olfasense.



Mapping Tools


Innovative odor mapping tools allows stakeholders to quickly visualize odors.  Odor Track’r™ provides a database to input odor inspection and complaint data and display results on Google Maps and Google Earth.  OdourMap provides a platform for real-time complaint input and odor management communication tools.


Sampling Equipment and Supplies


Solutions for collection and transport of odorous air samples for analysis.  These include our EPA flux hood and vacuum chamber, as well as sample collection bags, tubing, and other supplies.


St. Croix Sensory is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited

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